Congratulations to the newly elected government officials of Marikina City! *


1 CASUGA, Daniel M. 101
2 DELA PAZ, Garizaldy B. 322
3 FAJARDO, Alfredo Gerardo C. 174
4 FERRIOL, Samuel S. 20,889
5 TEODORO, Marcelino R. 45,246

1 BARRETTO, Benjamin Roberto G. 578
2 BULAONG, Felizardo D. 110
3 CANDAZO, Romeo D. 10,337
4 DE GUZMAN, Adjuthor P. 3,473
5 FAVIS, Donn Carlo B. 12,115
6 FRANCISCO, Eduardo C. 1,282
7 PUNZALAN, Hilario A. 4,347
8 QUIMBO, Romero Federico S. 42,446
9 SERRANO, Rogelio S. 145

1 ANDRES, Marion S. 33,315
2 CHENG, Alfredo S. 14,780
3 CHONG, John Alexander S. 282
4 DE GUZMAN, Del R. 95,277

1 ANGELES, Efren S. 4,648
2 CADIZ, Jose Fabian I. 79,202
3 MAJERANO, Melencia S. 624
4 MARCO, Ferdinand D. 8,522
5 SANTOS, Thaddeus A Jr M. 43,860

1 ACUÑA, Ronnie S. 22,629
2 AQUINO, Arnold C. 1,650
3 AQUINO, Ninoy E. 3,533
4 ARROYO, Alfredo Jr M. 2,597
5 AYUSON, Frankie C. 24,253
6 BAEL, Ignacio U. 689
7 BANZON, Joseph B. 27,840
8 BERNARDINO, Serafin Y. 25,724
9 BETIC, Mariano B. 16,316
10 CARLOS, Carissa F. 30,676
11 CUEVAS, Felipe H. 1,534
12 DAVID, Esmela C. 14,407
13 DE GUZMAN, Pedro R. 5,536
14 DELA CRUZ, Narciso Sr B. 12,627
15 DE LEON, Mario M. 26,102
16 DELGADO, Roy R. 13,317
17 DEL ROSARIO, Danilo A. 19,524
18 DIAMANTE, Gerald C. 13,157
19 ESTONIDO, Federico B. 690
20 FERRER, Igmidio M. 15,073
21 JIMENEZ, Arvin I. 19,477
22 MENDOZA, Alberto L. 2,752
23 NEPOMUCENO, Elmer B. 25,314
24 PAZ, Eva A. 38,666
25 REYES, Reginaldo N. 17,130
26 SANTIAGO, Rogel V. 19,127
27 SANTOS, Poncianito Jr E. 21,726
28 SOLA, Emelita R. 1,374
29 TIU, Danilo S. 2,181
30 TRINIDAD, Alex S. 6,701

1 ANTIPORDA, Julio Z. 1,603
2 BALINGIT, Zosimo A. 1,714
3 BELMONTE, Peter Paul R. 29,320
4 CAMACHO, Dolores M. 3,264
5 CAPARAS, Aurelio C. 6,705
6 CARONITE, Salvatore Jr. V. 5,448
7 CONTADO, Rodrigo V. 5,300
8 CRUZ, Alfonso R. 27,045
9 CRUZ, Jaime Jr G. 16,211
10 CUARESMA, Ariel V. 29,695
11 DACALOS, Angel R. 1,142
12 DAYAO, Anna D. 31,914
13 DEL ROSARIO, Mark Albert J. 34,758
14 DIAZEN, Xy-Za R. 32,657
15 FERNANDEZ, Solomon S. 4,011
16 FLORES, Ernesto M. 29,569
17 GARALZA, Andres Jr. C. 2,365
18 IFURUNG, Federico G. 13,588
19 LIMPIN, Arthur E. 1,740
20 MAGTUBO, Susana P. 30,750
21 MARQUEZ, Demetrio Jr. C. 3,497
22 MIRALLES, Manuel M. 1,793
23 ORARA, Manuel C. 17,240
24 ORTIZ, Rommel F. 30,895
25 PANGILINAN, Manuel R. 6,372
26 PASCUAL, Rodolfo N. 1,740
27 PONCE, Roberto C. 26,723
28 RAMOS, Lamberto Jr. S. 3,512
29 REYES, Feliciano R. 4,539
30 REYES, Wilfred S. 32,668
31 ROSALES, Fernando F. 4,780
32 SINGH, Vincent Francis D. 5,058
33 SOLIGUEN, Saulfred C. 789
34 TEOPE, Rizalina W. 26,830
35 UBALDO, Ponciano Jr. T. 27,455
36 VELASQUEZ, Edgardo T. 1,707
37 ZAMORA, Wilfredo L. 4,067


*Unofficial tally



DEL DE GUZMAN with 9,648 votes (based on the ticker tape I saw on Channel 5 at 12:24AM)

Congratulations, Tito Del! You make us proud! 🙂

Please check this link for the updated results:

No internet


I would like to apologize that I was not able to update this blog. My internet connection was just restored last night. The landline and internet services of Globe still sucks (since Ondoy pa).

Watch out for updates soon!

The Marikina Rivebanks Center has already re-opened. A lot of shops are still closed and there are still repairs that should be done.


The stores that are already open include the SM Save More supermarket  (7am to 9pm daily), Jollibee, Greenwhich, 7-11, BPI, Bizaare, Zen Zest, Mang Inasal, and Figaro.  A new branch of Reyes Barbeque has also opened on the same spot where Ara Mina’s Cafe Smina was before.


The stores that are still closed include Guess Jeans, Mossimo, Nike, Converse, Katrina’s Secrets, Worlds of Fun, Robinson’s Handyman Do it Best, Off Price Dept Store, Chowking, SOS Save on Surplus, Panda Zhu, and Folded n’ Hung.


A lot of shops are having their “Flood Sale”… which means that they are selling those items that were flooded during Ondoy for really cheap prices! Clothes and shoes are being sold at 50 pesos and up. The items have been cleaned already. A lot of people are grabbing this opportunity to shop at really low prices since the items are already clean (and are easy to wash again if you want to be sure). I wonder if they are selling items at Vente at reduced prices. hahaha


It was sad to see the extent of the damage that Ondoy caused to the center but its comforting to know that the center will still be here to stay.

This is so Marikina-ish!

Yey! It’s finally here! The much awaited Marikina Christmas Festival 2009. No typhoon can stop us from celebrating the best andthe happiest season of the year!

This year, Bayan Productions (the production outfit who is responsible for some of the shows on ABS-CBN such as “Trip na Trip”, “Kabuhayang Swak na Swak”, and “Urban Zone”) will take care of the event. Dubbed as “Pasko ng Bayan”, this year’s event will feature a syncronized christmas lights show and Pinoy Big Brother’s giant parol. The usual tiangge stalls, amusement rides, and food bazaars will also be present.  There will also be fashion shows and job fairs on the site.

The event is scheduled to run from November 5, 2009 until January 3, 2010 — 3pm onwards.


On the other hand, the local government of Marikina is also cooking up their own gimmicks. One of these is the “COD department store” show at the Marikina City Hall. Just like the show that is now being shown in Greenhills, the show will feature animated dolls that move in sync with the music or with the voice over. The set which is on the 2nd floor of the east wing of the building is already under construction.

Merry Christmas! =)

Portions of the Marikina Sports Park are still closed even after 4 weeks being Ondoy-free. There are still some families who have temporarily made the park their “home”. I saw them still occupying the tents that were placed on the grass/field area. Soiled and newly washed clothes were being hung on the fences and on the railings.


Relief goods are being kept on the ground floor of the newly opened sports buiding.

As per the information that I got, some of the departments of the Marikina City hall are temporarily holding their offices in the MSP because their offices inside that city hall are still to be fixed.

There are still stores that are closed a month after Typhoon Ondoy ravaged Marikina City.  Here are some of them:

Watsons – Bayan


Mcdonalds – BayanPA250084

7-Eleven Bayan (shoe ave.)


KFC Marquinton


Starbucks Marquinton


Robinson’s Appliances Marquinton


Mini Stop –  Bayan-shoe ave.
Mini Stop – Marquinton
Goldilocks – Marquinton
Kitaro – Marquinton
Guess Jeans – Riverbanks
F&H – Riverbanks
Mossimo – Riverbanks
Abensons – Riverbanks
Nike – Riverbanks

I hope that they’ll re-open soon!